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The Law Office of Adam Miller has been specializing  in the area of subrogation and recovery for over ten years. Our knowledge, tools, skills, and experience ensure a successful recovery through pre-suit procedures, litigation or arbitration.


Subrogation is a legal process by which insurance companies and employers recover funds for valid claims paid to their clients which were the responsibility of another party. When a claim results in benefits being paid under the policy, then the insurer or employer who paid the claim is entitled to assert a claim against the responsible individuals or entity to recover the amounts paid on that claim for which the defendant is  liable. With insurance subrogation, there are three parties involved: the insured; the insurer; and the tortfeasor (the party who is responsible for the damages). Under subrogation, the insurance company assumes the right to sue the tortfeasor for the amount of the damages paid to the insured.


In subrogation matters, the sooner the analysis and investigation begin the better. We can assist by preserving key evidence, securing witness statements, protecting physical evidence and gathering and other vital information.

By acting quickly and diligently, we send a message to the responsible party, their insurance carrier as well as the employee’s third-party attorney that we intend to assert your rights to reimbursement. Diligence in asserting your subrogation rights, meticulous attention to time lines and persistence in the recovery efforts  enable us to recover your reimbursement quicker and increase your recovery percentage whether the matter is  settled through negotiation or at trial. Our strategy has allowed us to  consistently recover millions of dollars of revenue for our clients yearly and our recovery percentage is over 90%.

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